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Just thought of something totally random that I kinda miss....


o.O What happened to them... ah, the wonderful days of Pogs, where you would go to an art store and find loads of them in bins and half of them wouldn't make any sense but they looked cool or shiny so you would buy them anyway... or get a type of cereal that tasted like crap just so you can get the free Pogs that came inside, only to be made fun of at resess cuz you had those ghetto kinds... with the muppets and the lion king ones... NOT that uh... that happened to me....

<.< ... >.>

*sigh* the joys of those card board cicles are gone forever though...
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I remember when MJ Design (before it was Michael's) had huge bins of them. I don't think I ever got the brand name ones, though. I didn't even know there were brand names ones until like a couple months ago when someone brought them up for no reason. And remember the slammers??? Dude, where DID my pogs go?
LoL! I had a slammer with Gonzo on it... it appeased me greatly xD
Nooooo! I had only just gotten over them! CURSE YOU!!

*sniff* Now the healing must begin afresh.
And I remember when they got banned from our school because my friend Renard got an eye injury from using a slammer too hard. After that, they went the way of the slap bracelet.

Heh, my mom brought me into one of her college classes to demonstrtae how to use pogs and explain why I liked them. Good times
"But look what I got at the comic store! Alf pogs! Remember Alf? He's back! In pog form."