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The Journal of Random

The world's a wacky place.

The Journal of RANDOM
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There are really two reasons that people start livejournal accounts. One is to angst about their life and problems. The other is to dole out an assortment of random digital crap. This community is dedicated to the latter.

Basically this community is dedicated to the posting of whatever. Post questions, opinions, links, icons, pictures, stories, photos, ideas, reviews, quotes, whatever.

However, there are some RULES.

*NO pornography, please.
*NO flaming, esp when people post the fruits of their creative labor.
*Any posts with content not suitable for those under the age 14 should be placed under an lj-cut.
*Icons and other creative work should be appropriately credited.
*Things deemed "fact" should actually be true.
*Bear in mind that when you express an opinion, people are bound to disagree with you. Therefore, PERSONAL ATTACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. You can disagree with what someone says, but do not take it out on them personally. Or on their mom.

That's basically it. If you have any questions/problems, please contact the MOD.

Um, right. So, anyways...get to it.